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Total Body Detox (Intracellular Cleanse)

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Our one and only famous Alkaline 20-day Total Body Detox (Intracellular cleanse) is our top-selling product. This 100% herbal, 20-day cleanse is the Original – Full Body Detox, includes 7 compounds + activated carbon:

TBD Cleanse is a powerful 20-day cleanse, consisting of 8 formulas, for individuals who may be suffering from any adverse health condition or issue and/or individuals who are merely maintaining their health. No matter what the condition, the TBD Cleanse is the starter cleanse.

The TBD Cleanse is the Only cleanse you’ll need for blood cleansing, heart cleansing, liver and gallbladder cleansing, lungs cleansing, kidney cleansing, and colon cleansing. Guaranteed!

The Total Body Detox helps to RESET, RECALIBRATE and REJUVINATE all body systems (e.g. endocrine system, reproductive system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, etc.);

It can help to normalize healthy weight (helps reduce and/or maintain desired weight),
Expels hardened and stubborn mucus;
Destroys and eliminates parasites and worms,
Increases energy levels and promotes stamina, counters lethargy and debilitation
Promotes healthier skin, clearer thinking
counters acidity and restores the body to a natural alkaline state and pH level (7.3);
promotes normal and regular elimination of waste through bowel movements and bladder health;
promotes healthier and normalized menstrual cycles for women;
reboots the sex life for both men and women, counters cellular degeneration and atrophy, and so much more.
Quantity: 100 capsules per formula

Pregnancy: Not recommended.Breastfeeding: Not recommended.Children: Not recommended. Contraindication: Do not take with prescription medication.
Main Ingredients:
Cardio Blood Magic: Blessed Thistle leaf, Cinnamon bark, Ginger root, Cayenne , Gingko , Shepherd's Purse leaf, Valley Lily. Red Clover top, Chickweed, Alfalfa
Iron Bio Fe: Mexican sarsaparilla, Jamaican Sarsaparilla, Burdock root, Yellow dock, Cocolmeca, Palo Guaco
Respiratory lungs Cell Food : Artemisia Mullein leaf, Licorice root, , Lobelia, Slippery Elm bark, Yerba Santa leaf, Fenugreek seed, Cayenne fruit, Thyme leaf, Hyssop,
Colon Chelation 2 : Senna leaf, Cascara Sagrada bark, Chamomile flower, Irish Moss, Fennel seed, Slippery Elm bark, Ginger root, Rhubarb root, Licorice root, Black Walnut 
3 Magi : Irish Sea moss , Bladder wrack , Kelp
Liver Magic :  Sapo, PRODIGIOSA, Dandelion root, Fenugreek seed, Oregon Grape root, Barberry bark, Quassia chips
Alkaline Kidney Cleanse : , UVA Ursi leaf, Juniper berries, Nettle leaf, Basil leaf, Parsley leaf, hydrangea
NOTE: These 7 formulas are available for sale individually by request Just send Message and I will reply.
Vegan Product. Contains no preservatives, fillers, binders, food coloring, additives, or other excipients. Free of GMO ingredients, gluten, soy, corn, and nuts.
Instructions (for use):
The 7 formulas are to be taken 2-3 hours a part so each formula can perform its designated function. Formula #1 is taken whenever you start your day, even if you start your day at night (e.g. graveyard shift). It doesn’t matter. It’s the first formula of your day. Each formula should be taken with a full glass of eight ounces of water, preferably distilled or alkaline water (the best). Never drink municipal tap water! It is not recommended that you take all six formulas at once.

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

Customer Reviews

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Great Results & a Lifetime of Good info

Alkaline Healing Foods has not only provided me with premier supplements made with care, but a lifeline of priceless information. The team is always available for questions and has devoted their time and resources into researching the best, natural, alternative supplements for maximum relief and repair of the body. I will certainly continue my support of this wonderful brand and have enjoyed taking back my life from the poisons of big pharma. After battling thyriodism and other generational diseases, the TBD and really any product here is the way to go!

Game Changer

wow where to start this product completly removed my acid reflux which I suffered for many years of drinking, smoking an eating all the bad foods. Not only that the bleeding ulcer that I had has completly went away and I always stayed away from doctors so when I was forced to go and found out about the bleeding ulcer they prescribed me some medication which I knew I would never take (always had a fear of meds lol) anyway I found out about the alkaline healing foods cleanse and this really worked litteraly in just the first couple of weeks. Amazing Product. Amazing Results. Game Changer.

Devon Miller
Amazing Results!! Exceeded my expectations

Wow as now a happily former diabetic, This cleanse greatly exceeded my expectation I performed this cleanse along with the diabetic package and completed a total of 40 days on the detox and after recieving my results from my doctors I no longer am diabetic. My medical doctor was in complete shock and could not understand how I was able to stabalize my blood sugar levels and reinvigorate my body's natural insulin productions. Its been 3 weeks since completing this Intracellular cleanse and I not only released so much weight in the 40 days went from 228 to 179, my energy levels are through the roof and I am greatful for the wonderful customer service and knowledge of the herbalist who was quick to answer all my questions and concerns. Will definetly recommend.