Master Cold and Flu Support Pack BUILDS IMMUNITY includes 8oz Tonic & 100 organic capsules

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This Drink is a STRONG BITTER recipe passed down from Namibia and you will feel its right away.

Provide your lungs with extra support during the colder seasons with this Master herbal Tonic packed and formulated with some of the most potent respiratory supporting herbs on earth.

This master formula act as a respiratory tonic by supporting healthy mucus membranes of the lungs and tighten up the mucosal linings of the respiratory tract preventing excess phlegm.

These herbs also hold antimicrobial properties that reportedly kill pathogens which cause chronic lung sicknesses that never seem to fully clear up.

This Master Flu&Cold Season Tonic may provide your lungs and airways with needed support through all the seasons of the year.


Main ingredient(s):

Artemisia afra
Artemisia annua

Raw, Alkaline and Organic. No added preservatives for maximum freshness and potency use within 7 days after opening!!
Servings: 8 FL OZ

Capsules (Main ingrediets)

Respiratory lungs Cell Food : Artemisia, Mullein leaf, Lobelia, Slippery Elm bark, Santa leaf, Fenugreek seed, Cayenne fruit,