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Oxygen is the life-giver, as you open the body and open those cells, those avenues such as you know, veins, arteries, and every other passage allowing oxygen to enter the system, that’s when you begin your healing. Oxygen is the healer.

Iron and its salts possess the property of attracting oxygen. The iron contained in the blood-corpuscles takes up the inhaled oxygen, thereby supplying with it all the tissues of the organism. Iron will cure: (Flower p.51-52)

1. The first stage of all inflammations.
2. Pains and Hemorrhages, when caused by hyperaemia.
3. Flesh wounds, contusions, sprains, etc., as it removes the hyperaemia.

Iron Phosphate – Health Condition It Is Needed For
Abscess, Boils, Carbuncles, and Felons (in first stages).
Acne (onset of disease).
Anemia and Chlorosis (as a supplementary remedy).
Backache (in hot pains over loins and kidneys, relieved by cold cloths).
Bones (diseases of the bones when redness, swelling, and inflammation appear).
Bronchitis (in first stages with inflammation).
Catarrh (in the first stage).
Constipation (if due to muscular lack of power and inertia).
Cough (if sore and feverish, with pain).
Diarrhoea (if fever is present).
Diphtheria (at the onset of inflammation).
Dysentery (at the onset to control fever).
Dysmenorrhoea (Painful Menstruation) (if the face is red, flushed, with nausea and vomiting).
Earache (cold draft).
Epilepsy (when blood rushes to head, flushing the face).
Erysipelas (at the onset when inflammation and fever appear).
Fever (the first remedy at the onset of any fever).
Hemorrhoids (for the first stage).
Headaches (in subjects of a quick pulse, hot heads).
Inflammation (first stage of inflammation).
Kidneys (if tenderness and inflammation are present).
Measles (in if first cough stage).
Rheumatism (at onset).
Scarlet Fever.
Vomiting (of blood).

Main ingredients include:

Blue Vervain
Burdock root
Yellow dock
Blessed Thistle

Take 3 tablespoons up to 3 times a day. Drink plenty of water. For serious ailments and iron deficiency drink one 8 oz bottles a day for 10 days

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Product is not intended to diagnose,treat,cure, or prevent any disease

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