Lily of the valley Alkaline Tincture

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Our Organically grown Lily of the valley tincture is available in 2oz dropper bottles

Directions for use adults only 8-10 drops into cup of warm water

Benefits For Health

Healthy Cardiovascular system:

Lily of the valley is known as a cardiac tonic. This herb is safer for the treatment of heart ailments of elderly people than digitalis or foxglove.

It also helps to treat valvular heart , cardiac debility. The flavonoids present in the herb stimulate the arteries, help in dilation of blood. Its diuretic properties help in lowering the blood pressure level.
It is also useful in the treatment of arrhythmia as it increases the muscular action of the heart while at the same time slowing down and regulating the heartbeat rate.

Mental Problems:

Treatment Of Urinary Tract Infection:

The tincture prepared with lily of valley flowers is used to treat UTI as it cleans obstructions from the urethra.

Keep Digestion Healthy:

This herb is known to be used as a substitute for aloes because of its purgative and laxative qualities. This in turn keeps the body’s digestive process smooth.

Other benefits:

Other benefits of the lily of the valley include:

Breaks down kidney stones.

Prevents water retention in the body.

Reduces pain associated with joint problems like gout and rheumatism.

Treats conjunctivitis.

Essential oil is used to treat paralysis, shock, and speech loss.

Helps to treat leprosy and swelling.

Treats poisoning and alcoholism by causing vomiting.

Caution – Side effects

If not used correctly Lily of the valley can have adverse effects.

Side effects include

Excessive use of the herb can lead to gastrointestinal irritation and dehydration.

This herb should not be mixed with beta blocker drugs, lanoxin, quindine, digoxin and calcium salts.

Can cause abdominal pain.

Overdose can even lead to cardiac failure.

Should never be consumed during pregnancy and lactation as it can affect the baby.

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