Dangers of Dairy

What Are Dairy Products?

Dairy products include, but are not limited to: milk, cheese, butter, ghee, sour cream, yogurt, ice cream, cream, kefir, and colostrums.

Various Kinds of Dairy Products


This stuff is fermented and congealed milk and highly toxic. It is made with the enzymes from baby male cows that have their stomachs ripped open for the enzymes in their intestines. This is what you big cheese lovers are eating. The holes in Swiss cheese are the result of living microorganisms. Little critters eat little holes into the cheese, and then the dairy industry sells it to you.

Cheese contains casein (milk-based protein), is mucus forming, and contains fecal mater (like milk) and bacteria. All cheese in the United States is dead which is why it is refrigerated. The refrigerator is a morgue. The cheese package plastic case is the body bag. In Europe, cheese is alive like your dog or cat. You wouldn’t put your pet in the refrigerator because it is alive. Therefore, Europeans don’t freeze their cheese. They leave it out of the morgue (refrigerator).

Cheese, like most other dairy products is very constipating and mucus forming! YOGURT.

Many people (especially women) think yogurt is healthy for you, but it is not. People tell me all the time that they eat yogurt because of its purported beneficial bacteria. However, the human body produces its own beneficial bacteria or flora when you give the body what it needs. Most people would rather eat their crap (junk food) and destroy the condition of their own colon and then turn around and eat yogurt under the guise that they are doing right or good by their colon. We will say anything to justify doing what we like to do. People are funny to me!

I can understand Bedouin Arabs eating yogurt due to their dessert existence, but people in the city? There’s no excuse! Kombucha can and will help to repopulate your beneficial bacteria; especially after a colonic or rigid herbal-based colon cleanse, i.e. alkaline healing foods : Supreme Colon Cleanse (which I recommend folks perform at least twice a year).


Many people in health circles today are now consuming colostrum from bovine, a pre-milk nutrient that is secreted from the mammary gland within the first week of new life and which is rich in antibodies. Colostrum does help to develop and fortify the developing so-called immune system, but if the colostrums is from a cow, then it’s for a cow. Period! This should be common sense.

Humans get their colostrum from sucking at the tit of a human mother during the first week (or two) of new life. However, many of us grew up on a plastic bottle (synthetic tit) and grew up to like cow milk, and then we became a little health conscious, though in convoluted fashion, and started to deprive the poor baby cow or goat of its mother’s colostrum. Humans are strange creatures indeed! They are quick to take from animals as if Nature forgot to provide humans with everything humans require for health and wellbeing.


Kefir is nothing but sour tasting spoiled (or fermented) milk with bacteria that originated in Russia. Some Muslims think that it is kefir in which the Qur’an talks about when it states that from between two obnoxious substances (blood and feces) Allah gives the Muslims pure milk. Even if it is kefir, is it really fit for human consumption and health, especially for the Bilalian or so-called Black Muslim?

Humans have no business consuming kefir or anything else that is excreta from an animal. However, under free will (which I respect), man can do as he pleases, even killing himself.


Like cheese, butter too is also dead here in the U.S. This is why we also freeze or refrigerate butter. Before the advent of the refrigerator (morgue) people did not freeze their butter. They processed it and then ate it. You even read about butter in the Bible during ancient Biblical days. Surely these people did not have refrigerators for their butter. But we know they ate butter, so how did they keep their butter?

Today, butter is greatly processed, made via hydrogenation and just like milk and cheese and other dairy products, butter is loaded with unhealthy fat and cholesterol and is unhealthy. Margarine is no better! These products clog the arteries and play a role in the development of high cholesterol.


Ghee is clarified butter and originated in India. It is made by simmering unsalted butter in a large pot until all water has boiled off and protein has settled to the bottom of the pot. The cooked and clarified butter is spooned off to prevent from disturbing the milk solids on the bottom of the pan. Unlike butter, ghee can be stored and kept for extended periods of time without refrigeration.


Any dairy product that is sour is sour due to fermenting. Sour cream too is fermented and loaded with bacteria - UNHEALTHY bacteria! It too is unhealthy for human consumption. Many people simply cannot eat a baked potato absent sour cream (and/or butter). They like the taste of the sour cream. However, taste is not the criterion for what is healthy.


Dairy and the Food Chart (Pyramid) in Schools

Originally, the food chart didn’t contain sections for meat and dairy products. The first food chart only contained two categories: (1) fruits and vegetables, and (2) grains. After World War II, things changed. The meat and dairy industries began to flourish after WWII and started to wield much power and influence in government, politics, and business, thanks to meat and dairy lobbyists.

The meat and dairy industries influenced government to alter the original food chart and to add meat and dairy to the food chart. The new chart became a pyramid with the nutritious and wholesome foods at the bottom of the chart (fruits, vegetables, and grains) and the unhealthy but new foods (meat and dairy) at the top of the chart. So today, your food charts in U.S. schools have four categories: (1) Meat, (2) Dairy, (3) Fruits and Vegetables, and (4) Grains

The U.S. government via the Department of Education is under contract with the meat and dairy industries respectively and this is why U.S. schools serve milk, chocolate milk, eggs, meat, and dairy products in school breakfast and lunch programs.

The U.S. government has doctors and scientists who know that so-called minority school children (Blacks/African-American, Puerto Rican, Hispanics/Latinos, Asian, Native American, et al.) are lactose intolerant; but this doesn’t stop the program (compulsory biological harm via diet).

The U.S. government is guilty of sabotaging the health of poor minorities (mainly Blacks and Hispanics/Latinos) by willfully distributing free milk (i.e., powdered milk), butter, and cheese throughout inner cities of the U.S. during the 1970s and 1980s.

The U.S. government, as far as I’m personally concerned, played a major role in epidemic cases of asthma and bronchitis in American youth in general, inner city Black or African-American youth in particular, in addition to playing a major role in epidemic cases of other degenerative diseases that not only implicate so-called minority children, but all children regardless of race or nationality.

However, the government can only harm you when you are ignorant and willfully and voluntarily participate in its schemes (to control and regulate you under the premise or pretenses that it is controlling and regulating you for your own good, a la public safety, because basically, you’re a moron or person of unsound mind).

Detrimental Effects and Diseases Caused by Dairy Products


You cannot get high cholesterol without eating animal flesh and/or excreta (dairy products). Facts show that dairy products contain more cholesterol than its meat (animal flesh) relatives. The RAVE Diet video (“Eating”) greatly showcases these facts. Visit www.ravediet.com to order the video.

All animal products and byproducts contain cholesterol (see RAVE video “Eating” 3rd edition). But as humans we have our own cholesterol. When we become delusional and attempt to become carnivores (though our anatomy doesn’t support such behavior and activity) and eat dead animal flesh, we add to our cholesterol levels. We add the animal’s cholesterol to our cholesterol and the result is that our cholesterol levels rise and now we have to go to the hospital to see a doctor who prescribes toxic medication to us. But all we have to do is return to our nature and stop eating animal flesh and excreta.

We get as much animal cholesterol in our bodies from consuming milk and other dairy products as we do from eating animal flesh:

“While there is much debate about dietary cholesterol, by the time the average American reaches the age of fifty-two, he or she has consumed in milk and dairy products the equivalent cholesterol contained in 1 million slices of bacon.” - Robert Cohen, “Milk: The Deadly Poison,” pg. xi

We have a specifically formulated a powerful Cholesterol Cleanse to address the unbalanced cholesterol levels of the body as well as the plaque that builds up due to this unbalance.


Mucus (the unhealthy kind, thick greenish-yellowish in color) greatly sabotages the health of Westerners, especially here in the U.S.

Mucus is the result of excess acid in the body, referred to as acidosis. This acidosis stems from eating far too many acid-forming so-called foods, i.e. meat, dairy products, refined grains, refined starches; processed foods, etc.

The acid-forming foods break down in our bodies via the digestion process. A byproduct produced in our bodies from dairy consumption is LACTIC ACID.

Lactic acid forms and stores in the blood and tissues of the body. It is produced by anaerobic respiration. It is what is responsible for the stiffness after you work out.

Lactic acid inflames the mucous membranes (internal skin). To protect the body, the body begins to produce vast amounts of thick mucus to serve as a barrier between the acid and the mucous membranes; but because we eat so much acid-forming foods and non-stop, more acid is produced in the body and in turn the body has to produce more mucus; well, the mucus builds up so much so that the mucus now becomes a problem to the body. The mucus obstructs the mucous membranes and now there arises a problem with the blood and skin, usually of an inflammatory nature.

Mucus causes inflammation (burning). It the medical world, inflammation is denoted by the suffix ’itis.’ The English word (actually a suffix) “itis” denotes or means “inflammation” and said inflammation is due to mucus which is the result of eating too much acid-forming so-called foods, i.e., meat (hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, fried chicken, pork chops, sausages, fish, lamb chops, shrimp, lobster, etc.), pizza, potato chips, cake, donuts, spaghetti, pasta, bread, bagels, muffins, etc. Yes, all the good tasting stuff (that only seemingly taste good due to the chemical food additives added to them).

The excess mucus eventually stores in areas of the body whereby there is space and room for it, i.e. joints, female reproductive tract, etc. or will store in certain organs where the energy is low so as to convey a metaphysical message to the person.

In Western medical language, wherever the mucus stores in the body and causes inflammation, the disease is named after the body part (in Latin) and usually ends with the suffix ’itis’; so for example, if there is excess mucus in the vagina, the disease is called ’vaginitis.’ If there is excess mucus in the bronchi tubes, the disease is called ’bronchitis.’ If there is excess mucus in the ’arthr’ (joints of the arm), the disease is called ’arthritis.’

Appendicitis = inflammation of the appendix
Arthritis = inflammation of the arthrs (joints)
Bronchitis = inflammation of the bronchi
Carditis = inflammation of the heart
Colitis = inflammation of the colon
Conjunctivitis = inflammation of the conjunctiva
Diverticulitis = inflammation of the diverticuli
Hepatitis = inflammation of the liver
Meningitis = inflammation of the brain and spinal cord
Nephritis = inflammation of the kidneys
Otitis = inflammation of the ears
Phlebitis = inflammation of the veins
Prostatitis = inflammation of the prostate gland
Tendonitis = inflammation of the tendons
Urethritis = inflammation of the urethra
Vaginitis = inflammation of the vagina

Any disease ending with the suffix ’itis’ lets you know that there is inflammation present caused by excess mucus buildup and the particular disease.

Also, any disease ending with the suffix ’itis’ can be healed by simply removing the mucus from the body. You first stop eating the things that cause the mucus - the good-tasting stuff, usually junk foods. Then, you work on dissolving and removing the mucus. This is done by using certain herbs such as Mullein leaf, Yerba Santa,  or our ready made herbal compounds such as our Ultimate Mucus Buster Respiratory and Lungs Cell Food as well as our Master Cold and Flu Pack

Next, you begin eating things like Sea Moss that will repair the area that was damaged by the mucus and which will also prevent mucus formation and proliferation in the body.

Vegetarians and Dairy Products

Many so-called vegetarians may not eat meat (dead animal flesh), but they may still consume animal excreta (eggs and dairy). These vegetarians are properly called ’ovo-lacto’ vegetarians.

“Ovo” = ’eggs’ and “lacto” = ’milk.’

Because of this, a new term was needed to describe true vegetarians, people who did not consume (or even wear) anything derived from an animal. People who totally abstain from consuming and eating animal flesh and byproducts (as well as abstain from wearing clothes derived from animals) are called VEGAN. A vegan denotes a strict vegetarian, whereas today, “vegetarian” is a term used very loosely in our society and all conscious vegans should know the difference between being vegan and being vegetarian.

Veganism is not a religion, but a lifestyle. It doesn’t it make a person better than another person simply by virtue of what they eat and don’t eat. What it does do is make an individual healthier and extends their life expectancy and duration (compared to a meat eater or omnivore).

Homeopathy and Dairy Products

I often tell people to be careful of certain homeopathic products due to their containing dairy products. Many homeopathic remedies for children contain dairy (lactose), especially earache and other pain-reducing products.

I’m not a fan of homeopathy because homeopathy utilizes oxides or inorganic materials as well as dairy products.

I also don’t believe in the saying: ’like cures like.’ This saying alone should let us know that the word ’cure’ is not synonymous with ’healing.’ The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) owns the term ’cure’ whereas God and Nature owns the word “healing” (via its definition) which is why all humans have the right to heal themselves. You don’t have a right to cure anything, including yourself. But again, you do have a right to heal yourself.

Basically, homeopathy makes the statement that a little poison can cure a condition of poisoning. Well, if poison is toxic to the body, how can you heal the body with a toxin? If toxins impair your health, how can you restore health with the sane thing that impairs health? Absolutely ludicrous, at least in my opinion!

Myths About Health Benefits Derived From Dairy Products

There are many myths associated with dairy products and their alleged health benefits. One of these grand myths pertains to milk - animal milk, specifically cow and goat milk.

Milk by definition is a protein, a complete food for babies, in the case of cow milk, baby cows. Logic would dictate that each female animal produces milk for its own kind, thus, cow milk is for baby cows; goat milk is for baby goats, and so forth. Every animal in the wild nurtures its young with the mother’s own milk. The only exception is the civilized human being. We cannot say that every human female, especially in the Western world, nurtures her young (baby) with her own milk. We just can’t say this.

The human being is the ONLY creature in Nature and on Earth that drinks the milk of another creature (species) and voluntarily so.

Nowhere in Nature will you find a species of animal that voluntarily drinks the milk of another animal. The gorilla does not drink the milk of a tiger. The tiger does not drink the milk of a lion. The lion does not and will not drink the milk of a giraffe. Animals just don’t do this!

Western man and woman are so far off the path and so disconnected from Nature and his own nature it’s a shame. Modern man, civilized man, does not understand his biological makeup. If he/she did, he/she wouldn’t be drinking animal milk.

Milk Does A Body Good?

Milk does do a body good, but the only thing is, you have to know whose body. Clearly, cow milk does a baby cow’s body some good. But if we say that cow milk (or goat milk) does a human being’s body some good, now we are talking as if we are out of our minds, high off of crack cocaine or something. Animal milk does not do a human being’s body any good. It is a foreign substance to the human body. Remember, the human body is made up of cells of intelligence. These cells know everything - what’s natural and what’s foreign. You cannot fool Mother Nature (though Western man will certainly try).

Because humans and cows are different species, their milks reflect this difference. A human baby can’t get everything a human baby requires from drinking any milk outside of the milk produced by its particular specie’s mother and likewise a baby cow would not get everything a baby cow requires from the milk of a human woman.

You no longer see the billboards that say: ’Milk Does A Body Good’ because of a successful lawsuit that proved milk does not do a body (human body) good. So today, all you see is ads featuring celebrities with milk mustaches with the phrase ’Got Milk?"

Got Milk or Got Pus?

Let’s keep it real! When we know milk contains pus, and a lot of it, we know that when we hear “Got Milk?” we know we’re really hearing ’Got Pus?"

It is a known fact that dairy cows are known to have chronic cases of mastitis and mastitis produces pus and when you hook a suction cup up to an infected cow tit, you are going to suck pus out of the tit along with the milk. This is just a given.

The statement or motto “Got Milk?” could also be interpreted as “Got Snot?” or ’Got Feces?" Yes, cow milk contains less than 10% cow feces. This is true! It would be great if I was lying here, but unfortunately (for dairy lovers), I’m telling the truth. So damn, cow milk contains pus, feces, and synthetic hormones (bovine growth hormone, rbST). Consider the following:

“In the summer of 1994, an article in a health newsletter reviewed the most controversial drug application in the history of America’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Monsanto Agricultural Company had isolated the naturally occurring bovine growth hormone. They then found a way to combine that hormone with microorganisms, merging genetic material from cows and E. coli bacteria to achieve a new products, which, when injected back into cows would result in an increase in milk production. That new hormone was called recombinant bovine somatropin (rbST). An investigation of that new hormone and of milk and dairy products released a Pandora’s box of demons and dilemmas that milk producers had wished had never been exposed. As a result of that subsequent investigation, many questions were asked. The answers to those questions will place America’s entire dairy industry in jeopardy.” - Robert Cohen, “Milk: The Deadly Poison,” pg. xi

Modern day dairy cows produce so much milk that if it were not for the cowhands intervening, baby cows would drown from their own mother’s milk.

Also, if you feed a baby cow commercially processed milk (pasteurized and homogenized) for 6 months, it will die! That’s right! The processed milk that humans derive from cows and unwisely drink will kill the baby cow in 6 months time.

This processed milk is toxic and harmful to baby cows. Logic would seem to dictate that this same milk would also be toxic and harmful to human babies as well as children, teens, adults, and elders.

The Flaw of the Weston A. Price Foundation Pertaining to Milk and Other Dairy Products

The Weston A. Price Foundation is spreading erroneous dietary concepts that can result in dire and adverse health consequences if his advocates and adherents are not careful and do not use common sense or the laws of human biology and Nature.

I make my assertion supra using the Laws of Nature as the premise and yardstick.

The W.A.P. Foundation is promoting and advertising dairy products stating that indigenous diets contained dairy products (milk and butter) that were raw and unprocessed. However, the W.A.P. Foundation is NOT exporting these raw and unprocessed dairy products (or meat products) from various indigenous lands into the United States for its members and adherents.

The W.A.P. Foundation advocates are claiming the W.A.P. Foundation diet which is purportedly based upon the diets of indigenous people from indigenous lands, but the adherents (in Western nations, specifically the U.S.) are NOT getting and consuming meat and dairy products from indigenous lands. They are buying their meat and dairy products from U.S. based meat and dairy manufacturers sold in commercial super markets (i.e. Vons, Lucky’s, Albertsons, Ralph’s, Safeway, Pavillions, Whole Foods Market, etc.) which means they are buying and consuming non-indigenous meat and dairy products and thus are consuming the same degenerate, toxic, refined, and processed meats and dairy products like the rest of Americans.

It is not wise or intelligent to claim an indigenous-based diet and then turn around and eat non-indigenous foods. You are eating an indigenous diet when the foods you are consuming are indigenously produced, meaning what you eat come from the lands of indigenous people who eat their meat and dairy products raw and unprocessed.

If indigenous people are consuming small amounts of raw butter and milk and you as a W.A.P. Foundation advocate and adherent is drinking processed (pasteurized, homogenized, and fortified) milk and butter, then you cannot claim to be consuming “raw” products, let alone “indigenous” foods.

You cannot be eating an indigenous diet when your meat comes from U.S. slaughterhouses and sold under the banner or label of Zacky Farms, Farmer John, or Foster Farms. Indigenous people do not shop in grocery stores for their meat (or milk). They hunt it, slaughter it, and prepare it themselves; something most civilized humans (Westerners) wouldn’t have the heart and stomach to do for if most Western meat-eaters had to prepare their own meat (animal flesh), most would ultimately become vegetarians (vegans) overnight due to the brutality involved in killing animals for their flesh.

Remember, most meat-eaters are meat-eaters simply because they don’t see how their meat is processed and how the animals from which their meat is derived is treated on a daily basis. I am banned from teaching diet to public school students at a few Los Angeles Unified School District schools because after the students hear my lecture (words) and view the videos I show (from groups like Farm Sanctuary and PETA) of animal treatment and slaughter, the students become upset and desire to be vegetarians (vegans) and then it makes the students and even the teachers question their school breakfast and lunch programs. 

NOTE: PETA stands for ’People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.’ Visit: www.peta.org
Also visit: www.farmsanctuary.org

You are not drinking indigenously produced milk when your milk is PASTUERIZED, HOMOGENIZED, and FORTIFIED. Raw milk is not pasteurized, homogenized, clarified, or fortified. Raw means the milk is straight from the tit of the animal that produced it.

While I will admit raw and unprocessed milk is better than pasteurized, homogenized, clarified, and fortified milk, however, I stand firm in my contention that even raw milk derived from a different specie (lower animal, i.e. cow, goat) is not healthy for humans to consume. Humans simply don’t require milk after the age of two (or when the teeth come in) and nor do they require the milk of foreign creatures, i.e. cow, goat, buffalo, etc.

So even when humans do require milk (infant years), that required milk is strictly from the breasts of a human female. Period! After age two or when all the teeth come in, the enzyme ’lactase’ (necessary to digest the sugar in milk, ’lactose’) subsides, inactivates, or is lost in humans, a clear and convincing biological sign and sign of Nature that man (human) no longer requires food in the form of a liquid called milk, but is now ready to eat solid food. The child is now ready to masticate his food.

A good friend of mine stated humans can drink milk because we have the power to adapt. He also used the domestic cat as an example of a creature drinking the milk of a foreign animal. However, a wholistic and rational approach will show his folly here. The only reason why a domesticated cat will drink cow milk is because its human master has forced it to drink cow milk. And yes, the cat or kitten drinks the milk, but not without adverse reactions. As has been proven, processed cow milk is ACID-FORMING and excess acid produces MUCUS, a serious factor in the majority of degenerative diseases.

Cow milk is not good or healthy for a cat and the proof is in a common term many of us use to describe a situation of mucus (pus) in the corner of the eyes. What do we call mucus that secrete or oozes from the corner of eyes? ANSWER: Cat in the eye! Well there you go! Point made!

You can always find a bunch of mucus in the eyes of a domesticated cat. Where does this mucus come from? ANSWER: Cow’s milk given by the pet owner (master)! Both humans and cats experience “cat in the eye” because they both drink the milk of the cow - the human voluntarily, but the poor cat, by force.

Now if we return to the standard of Nature, we will find that no cat or member of the cat family in the wild, i.e. wild cat, VOLUNTARILY drinks or will drink milk from a cow.

Number one, out in Nature, a cat (tiger, lion, bobcat, cheetah, etc.) would not be attempting to drink a cow’s milk. The cat in the wild would attempt to kill and eat the cow. This is their nature as carnivores. Most carnivores mainly eat vegetarian animals. The same is true of the delusional human carnivore. The human carnivore eats the pig (vegetarian), cow (vegetarian), and sheep/lamb (vegetarian), and chicken and turkey (both of whom are cophraphageous in nature and do however eat bugs and other insects).

The human carnivore also drinks the milk of vegetarian animals (i.e. cow, goat, buffalo) exclusively. Carnivores are always talking about what vegetarians lack health and diet-wise but can always be found consuming the flesh and excreta of vegetarians who seem to be great sources of all the nutrients carnivores need. I find this quite interesting! I have yet to meet a human carnivore, an American one, that eats the meat of carnivores and who drinks the milk of carnivores (i.e. tigers, lions, cheetahs, bobcats, etc.). Asians are exempt here because some of them eat snake, cat, dog, and rat meat.

We make a serious mistake attempting to use domesticated animals to prove or make a point about diet when we consider that nowadays domesticated animals, especially here in the U.S., suffer from the same degenerative diseases as their human masters. And why is this? Simply because domesticated animals or companion animals are eating the same things as their masters - processed foods!

This is why today your cat and/or dog suffers from a host of degenerative diseases common to human beings, i.e. osteoporosis, diabetes, arthritis, gastrointestinal disease, glaucoma, cancer, tumors, behavior problems, bladder problems, epilepsy (seizures), constipation, leukemia, heart problems, etc.

Master and slave (companion animal) are both sick with the same diseases due to consuming the same things - processed foodstuffs!

I would have never known that I’d be producing health compounds for animals, but the facts show and the reality is these poor creatures are also suffering from our human madness, and as such, need help. I am a great lover and respecter of the lower animal kingdom.

The wild cat or cat in Nature does not suffer from any of the degenerative diseases that the domesticated cat suffers from. There’s no “tiger in the eye”, “lion in the eye”, or “cheetah in the eye”, pertaining to mucus oozing out of the corner of the eyes simply because you won’t find a lion, tiger, bobcat or any other wild cat in Nature voluntarily drinking cow’s milk or the milk of any other creature. However, you may see this (mucus oozing from the corner of the eyes) in one of these creatures supra in a municipal zoo, i.e. San Diego Zoo, Bronx (New York) Zoo, or Los Angeles Zoo.

Many members, advocates, and supporters of the Weston A. price Foundation are using his dietary philosophy to justify eating animal flesh and animal byproducts and I say this because these individuals are not hunting the animals they are eating. They are not milking the cows. They are not churning their own butter. Quite plainly, these individuals are ’faking the funk’ (pretending) and deluding themselves. But hey, I respect free will and choice.

Just remember, just because butter and milk may be raw, unrefined, and/or unprocessed doesn’t make them fit for human consumption no more than raw, unrefined, and unprocessed cow shit or dog piss (urine) make them fit for human consumption. If we are really that zealous for nutrition, then let us start consuming female menstrual blood, vaginal discharge (leucorrhea, the white), and human urine, all of which are loaded with nutrients. Oh Djehuty, you’re so graphic! Yes, but graphically practical and pragmatically so! After all, I’m an Earth sign (Capricorn) and we Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) are very practical.

Dairy Products and Allergies

Dairy products are a major cause of allergies. Allergies usually denote we’ve consumed too much of a thing over a period of time (usually years) in addition to letting us know it’s time to get back in tune with Nature. Allergies let us know this or convey this metaphorical message to us, though most people are unable to decipher this message.

“The fact is: the drinking of cow milk has been linked to iron-deficiency anemia in infants and children; it has been named as the cause of cramps and diarrhea in much of the world’s population, and the cause of multiple forms of allergy as well; and the possibility has been raised that it may play a central role in the origins of atherosclerosis and heart attacks.” - Frank A. Oski, M.D., “Don’t Drink Your Milk!” pg. 3

When we stop consuming milk and other dairy products, many of our allergies disappear.

Black People and Dairy Products

I have been telling Black people for a long time now that they would be wise to leave all dairy products alone, mostly for biogenetic reasons, if not for reasons pertaining to common sense and Nature.

Black people and other so-called people of color are naturally LACTOSE INTOLERANT, which mean they lack the biological processes and capabilities (enzymatic activity via lactase) to digest the sugar in milk (lactose), which leads to a host of problems, i.e. cramping, flatulence, diarrhea, and feeling bloated.

Lactose intolerance is medically defined as: “A sensitivity disorder resulting in the inability to digest lactose because of a deficiency of or defect in the enzyme lactase. Symptoms of the disorder are bloating, flatus, nausea, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. The diet is adjusted according to the tolerance level, restricting such foods as milk, cheese, butter, margarine, and any products containing milk, such as cakes, ice cream, cream soups, and sauces.” Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 3rd edition, pg. 673

Though technically NO human beings can really tolerate milk and dairy products (yes, White people too), Black people [African/African-Americans] especially cannot tolerate dairy products.

Now true, a few tribes in Africa (such as the Beja, Kabbabish, Tuareg, and Fulbe) consume animal milk, but they are not drinking the milk straight (like a glass of milk as Westerners do). They add it to other substances (one tribe adds it to cow blood before drinking). They are not drinking eight ounce glasses of the stuff like Black Americans do (and the rest of full glass of milk drinking Americans)! Black people are consuming far too much dairy, especially the females.

They are drinking milk and flavored milks (i.e. chocolate milk, strawberry-flavored milk), buttermilk, cream milk, malt shakes, and eggnog. They are consuming ice cream (“Casket Robbins 31 Flavors,” Damn, I mean “Baskin Robbins” 31 Flavors), sour cream (on broccoli and baked potatoes), butter (on their toast, biscuits, waffles, and pancakes), and yogurt (which they unwisely think is healthy for them).

These things above give them flatulence and make them fart like crazy, makes them feel bloated, makes them constipated, gives them abdominal cramps and spasms, and a host of other things. But the number one thing it causes to develop in Black women (as well as all other races of women) today is FIBROID TUMORS!

Dairy product is congealed cow snot (pus)! This stuff is sticky like glue. What do you think is holding all those vaginal blood clots stuffed in the vaginal tract together? Ever heard of ’chocolate cysts’? These cysts are held together by menstrual blood and mucus (pus). Millions of Black women in the U.S. are dealing with blood clots, large-size clots that are hard like plastic. These women put the clots or the materials to make the clots, in their bodies. How? By eating dairy products and other crap foodstuffs!

And by no means are White or Caucasian women exempt because they too suffer from the above. However, White women do not make up a measly 7% of the total U.S. population like Black or African-American women do, and thus fibroid tumors are epidemic amongst African-American females. It seems like every other Black woman has a case of fibroid tumors.

Dairy is a major culprit in cellulite. It is a major culprit in excess body weight (due to fat). It is a major culprit in hormonal imbalance. Remember, dairy is derived from milk, which is derived from the reproductive system (mammary gland to be exact) of a lower animal (cow). Any substance from the reproductive system of another creature inside the body of a human female will interfere with the reproductive system of the human female (as well as the human male).

Do you want to know why leukemia is now common to African-Americans today? Yes, a disease (form of cancer) that was rare amongst Black people a generation ago is now common to them today. The answer is: increase in consumption of dairy products over the years.

My childhood friend, Luscious Harris (former NBA basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks and New Jersey Nets) had a brother named ’Dino’ who died from leukemia a few years ago and which was a real shocker to me. Dino was a real cool dude too. He looked just like actor Max Julian (of “The Mack” fame).

You just didn’t hear about leukemia in the hood in those days (1970’s and 1980’s), so to get the news that Dino died from leukemia was a shell shocker to folks (and myself) in the old ’hood’ (104th to 108th Street from Main Street to Avalon Boulevard in South Los Angeles, not far from the infamous Locke High School).

Leukemia was originally only prevalent in little White children from what I remember. I used to wonder as a teen how come only White children developed and died from leukemia and when my researched turned up the fact that White children drank more milk and consumed more dairy products than any other race of children in the U.S., I got my answer.

Leukemia was a cancer that was originally found in dairy cows. The fact that their cows had leukemia didn’t stop the dairy industry from manufacturing and selling this crap. In the U.S., it’s all about the Benjamins (dollar bills) for the sake of reaping profits.

A good movie that exposes the dairy cow-leukemia connection is the film “I Love Trouble” starring Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts. This movie was on point! I highly recommend it.

Excessive consumption of milk is harming Black babies and youth all across America. Ignorant and unconscious Black parents are feeding their poor little babies this toxic crap instead of breastfeeding them.

The chemicals in the formula milks (i.e. Enfamil, Similac, Parent’s Choice, etc.) ignorant Black parents (especially mothers, as most Black babies are born to single mothers) are feeding their babies are laced with a host of toxins and junk from pork byproduct (mono-diglycerides), oxide minerals (i.e. iron, zinc) that impair brain development; synthetic sugars (that pollute the blood and thus cause skin problems), etc.

This same formula milk supra is also harming Caucasian babies, Hispanic/Latino babies, Asian babies, Native American babies, etc. Remember, these milks are made in laboratories! Food doesn’t come from laboratories, but from Nature.

It is common for little Black babies to suffer from colic and constipation when they are given formula milk. Their little stools stink something awful too! It’s like night and day between the smell (odor) of a breastfeed baby and a baby on formula milk. Formula-fed babies are full of mucus. You see the mucus all in their eyes, all in their nose (full of snot and/or dried boogers). Same thing with babies of other races and nationalities!

Coming up as a youth I thought it was natural for babies and little children to have noses full of snot and boogers, but little did I know back then that the cause of this mucus (snot) and boogers was totally due to all the dairy, especially milk and ice cream, that these little Black babies and children were consuming.

Many of the pastries consumed by these little Black babies and youth also contained dairy.

The scene of a bunch of little Black babies, toddlers, and children walking down the street with noses full of snot (mucus) and boogers is something I remember vividly during my childhood days and years growing up in Bronx, NY (especially in the projects of the Edenwald, Gunhill, Castle Hill and Bronxdale where my cousins resided).

An ignorant female (regardless of race and nationality) will delight in feeding her child toxins and junk. She will give her child junk under the banner that she does not want to deprive her child of the things the other children are partaking of, and forget about the fact that the things or stuff are seriously insalubrious and deleterious; 

Dairy products are also playing a role in the de-spiritualization of Black people too. How, you might ask? Dairy products cause the pineal gland (seat of the sixth and seventh chakras) to CALCIFY. Today, the majority of Black people in the U.S. have calcified pineal glands (something true of most U.S. citizens).

Despite all the hooting and hollering about God (or Jesus, Jehovah, or Allah), Black people throughout America are in spiritual disarray and disrepair. Religion makes a complete fool out of most of them because there’s no balance with Universal or cosmic law.




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