Abscess Boils and Skin Infections

Abcesses are caused hardened or pus like mucus of that manifest itself in the skin. 

When infected, the human body's defense system may wall off a part of the body wall as a pustular infection - these walled off sections of the body are known as abscesses or an abscess in singular.

Abscesses are of many types and go by different names depending on the part of the skin that they occur in, we call an abscess that forms around a hair follicle as a boil, and such boils are typically formed along areas where hair follicles are dense, including the buttocks, the underarm and the hair neckline on the body.

A carbuncle is a severe abscess, which usually has a number of centers located at several hair follicles on the body. A noticeable lump is present on the affected region and the skin in the region looks hot, is typically reddened and swollen from the beginning of its formation itself. In such cases, even thought the abscess may be minute, the affected skin has highly inflamed tissue and may be extremely painful.

The contents of a ripened abscess are eliminated through the surface of the skin, these results in the immediate relief for the person from the pressure and pain associated with the pustule, this ripening may however take about two weeks from start to finish.

Where general signs of fever, and physical fatigue along with swollen lymph glands are evident, it means that the abscess has become too large or that it has branched out to different areas in the body-these cases are however largely unusual and most abscesses are localized in one region of the body. Immediate medical attention from a qualified doctor is required in all cases where such enlargements occur as they may signal a far more serious condition in the patient's body.

The chances of developing boils and abscesses are not universal and some people may be more susceptible to developing abscesses and boils than others. Some people are rendered more likely to develop these problems due to many underlying factors such as impurities in the blood, acidic immune system giving little resistance and very poor nutrition in general.

Lowered resistance in the immune system of diabetics with high blood-sugar levels, and in obese persons, is also a very big risk factor and increases the chances of developing abscesses. Acidic diets can increase the chances of developing abscesses and boils, thus people consuming diets primarily consisting of junk food items, with abundant deep-fried foods and pork, and those with diets that are poor in fresh foods may become susceptible to developing abscesses because of the rise in the impurities found in their blood. Boils in general occur more often in young men as a distinct demography and abscesses are much more common in women who have just given birth.

Herbs to use:

Because of their ability in stimulating and electrifying the immune system response, minerals such as Zinc and Iron Flourine, as well as Iron Phosphate are important supplements and help in the body's fight against infection from all sources and pathogens-they must be included in the diet in appropriate doses. For the treatment of recurrent boils and abscesses, these two are effective preventives and will aid in the hastening of the healing process.