Why Iron Fluorine?

It is impossible to get sick when one has adequate amounts of iron in the diet. Why? Because iron feeds the blood and the blood is conduit that supplies oxygen to the brain and the entire body.

Iron is the only magnetic mineral on the planet and it being magnetic, it pulls other minerals to it. Therefore, a herb or plant that is rich in iron, would have adequate amounts of other minerals in balanced proportion.

It is also important that the plants used for iron supply are non-hybrid, electric plants.

Here we present you our Liquid Iron Bio Fluorine Fe (+)
Full of some of the most Iron dense Alkaline plants that provide Iron Phosphate and Iron Florine. Specifically formulated to maximize your health goals.

Iron Fluorine involves two elements: iron and fluorine. You have probably watched or listened to Dr. Sebi’s presentation where he made reference to ‘iron fluorine’, and are trying to find more information about it – this article should help.

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